Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chakkali Puthan Madham

Chakkali Puthan Madham is the family name of my family house in the twin village of Arangotukara (Arangode)/Ezhumangad. It is a branch of the original ancestral home  known as the Chakkali Madham . On partition of the ancestral property my uncle elder brother of my father got the original home the Chakkali Madham. A portion of the compound was given as his share to my father. That portion was utilized by father t cultivate ginger (inchi in Malayalam) and the compund was known as the Inchi Kollai (Ginger land). Father did not build a house in that  property. He bought a compound with an old house just across the the path way on the Southern side of the Inchi Kollai. He renovated the old house almost identical to that of the ancestral house. Since it is the new addition, this house was named as the Chakkali Puthan Madham to distinguish it from the Chakkali Madham.

Father and mother shifted to the new house with their 3 children at that time. This house was bought and renovated immediately on birth of the 3rd child of our parents, A R Krishnan. My late uncle, father's elder brother's name is also A R Krishnan. This anomaly is due to the fact that the grandparents name will be given to the grand children. Hence mostly there will be more than one person with the same name in the families of Iyer community.  Hence the age of Chakkali Puthan Madham was the age of my elder brother lat A R Krishnan.

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